Please note that our meetings welcome anyone who is a sex addict or who thinks he or she may be a sex addict.  All regular meetings are closed to outside observers, spouses, significant others, or other interested parties. Occasional open meetings are available to anyone interested in knowing more about SAA.

For meeting locations, email or call (205) 933-0520 and leave a message on our voice mail service.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

For additional SAA meetings by telephone or on the internet go to and click on the Meetings tab.  Then click on “Electronic Meetings.”  Follow the instructions for the type of meeting you wish to attend.  You may need to download free software to access some of these meetings.


A Note of Explanation and Invitation:

SAA is a recovery program based on the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Although we are not affiliated with AA or any other outside entity, we are grateful, indeed, to AA for allowing us to model our program after theirs and to extend our members the hope of recovery from compulsive sexual behavior and addiction. 

This program is truly anonymous. We use only our first names, and we practice rigorous confidentiality so that our meetings will be a safe place to share and learn and recover from addictive behavior.  If you are struggling with obsessive sexual thoughts or compulsive sexual behavior, we welcome you to join us on the road to recovery and freedom.


Email address for Grace Fellowship of SAA – Birmingham:
The International Service Organization (ISO) of  SAA: