Recovery Blog

This blog is devoted to recovery thinking and sharing.  It represents the thoughts of those of us who struggle with sexual addition as we attempt to share our experience, strength and hope in an effort to point others to recovery.  If you have something that you’d like to share, please use the form to the right.  The posts listed below come from a variety of people at a variety of times.  Those who share, do not claim to speak for the Grace Fellowship group as a whole or claim to have “the truth” regarding recovery.  Our hope is that by contributing to the blog and by reading the contributions of others that you might find encouragement and growth. 

We ask that you observe the following guidelines regarding posts and responses.

1.  Posts should focus on your recovery rather than the addiction, the solution rather than the problem.

2.  Posts should be consistent with your interpretation of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

3.  Posts should be charitable to others.  Disagreement is allowed, but the thoughts and opinions of others must still be respected.

4.  Posts should refrain from using foul language or references to addictive behavior.